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Fall 2020

Fall has finally arrived! The leaves are changing, the days are 65-70 degrees, nights are 25-35. The elk are bugling and it's my favorite time of year!

Ken and I have been busy with finishing up haying, packing the last few blocks of salt to the mountain and keeping the cattle pushed up country for a few more weeks. We will gather the forest allotment on October 10th, then be back riding and gathering stragglers for another couple of weeks after that.

We have had some smoke in the valley that has blown in from all the fires on the west coast and surrounding areas, but thankfully we haven't had any fires here or near here this year.

Kade and I have been cutting firewood for mom and ourselves, and I actually built a fire in my stove at home today. We rode this morning and got soaking wet in a rain storm with a little snow, and I was completely soaked through my chinks, jeans, long handles and coat when we got home at noon. But I'm not complaining. We need the moisture so badly, it's been extremely dry this year.

I do post a story of what I do daily to my instagram and fb pages if you'd like to follow along......

I'm not sure what you folks who read this would like to read more about, so please let me know for some future blog posts!

Also, I have a few calendars left. THANK YOU so much to all who have ordered! The calendars, books, hoodies and tumblers all shipped out last week so you should have them any day now. I'm a one woman show so it takes me a bit to get everything out the door, but I shipped over 500 packages this last week! WHEW! I think my post office girl hates me ;)

Anyway, if you would like to order anything, click here:

Hope you're all doing well and living life to the fullest!


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