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Feeding Elk In Wyoming

When settlers moved into the Jackson Hole and near by areas of Wyoming and started grazing the land and cutting the hay for their livestock, the elk herds that once wintered there were struggling.

So, in 1909 the ranchers started feeding the elk a little to keep them from dying of starvation and to keep them from eating their haystacks and having their own livestock starve. In 1912, the Wyoming Game and Fish started the first official feedground which is now the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Since then, 22 feedgrounds around the area have been feeding the large migrating Yellowstone elk herds.

Hunting licenses are the primary funds used to buy the hay and pay the feeders.

My grandfather fed elk up Greys River for 20+ years. We would get to snowmachine in the 35 miles and stay in his little cabin with him for a weekend here and there and spring break. He didn't have running water, or electricity. It was such a great life that he loved so much.

My husband and I fed elk up the Gros Ventre and over in Big Piney for a few years. I kick myself now for not ever taking a single picture.

These images are just a few of the 60+ I took one day of Kevin Campbell who has fed for 24 years now.

I have shared the entire album on Facebook, which you can find here: (3) Facebook

And because of the response, I have actually put this entire album into a book. The book is 11x8.5" so each image is large and I have a description with each image to help explain the start to finish of operations for each day. The books are signed and will ship to whomever wishes to purchase February 10-14th, 2021.

If you would like one, click here: Feeding Elk in Wyoming – Skye Clark Images (

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