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Hunting Elk

We grew up in an outfitting family, so hunting has been part of our lives from day 1.

I personally don't hunt much, but I do love to ride along just for the views and experience.

My brother Matt is running a camp this fall at Waterdog Lake in Little Greys. I went up and spent the night and went hunting with the boys and their hunters. We seen a lot of elk, but the hunter passed on all the bulls we seen that day.

For those who haven't been in a Wyoming hunting camp, I'll try to give you a little insight with descriptions and pictures as what it's like.

At 4:30 am the generator is fired up and the guides start catching and saddling horses.

The horses have free choice to all the hay they want, and are used one day, then given 1-2 days off as hunting in steep country takes a lot out of them. The ones being used for the day are also fed extra grain morning and night.

Then everyone meets in the cook tent to eat breakfast and pack a lunch for the day.

After breakfast everyone gets mounted and strikes off up the trail in the dark. Usually you end up riding 1-2 hours in the dark so you can be at a good location on the mountain when I breaks daylight. That's usually the best time of day to see game.

The rest of the day is spent riding, tying up, glassing for game, making drives through timber and other methods of hunting.

On cold days, which ends up being most days in the fall in Wyoming, whenever you stop for lunch you build a fire and try to dry out and warm up a bit.

Then you just keep hunting till dark and head back to camp to start it all over again. Wall tents with small wood burning stoves, small beds with mattresses' and your own personal bedroll/sleeping bag and gear make up your home while in camp.

You spend long days, burn a lot of energy and sometimes you get lucky, other times you don't. But to me, the experience is priceless. It's hard to describe, but the challenge and peacefulness you get cannot be put into words.

These are all images I took with my iPhone by the way.

Here's a little thought I shared on Instagram today:

Enjoy social media and all the good that comes from it! But don't scroll through other peoples lives and think they have it better than you. Don't get sucked in to following someone else's path and lose your own way in the process.

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