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Summer Shenanigans

Dang, I'm not sure about how it was for you, but summer flew by for me. I honestly can't believe we are in September, but fall is my all time favorite so I'm happy it's here!

With all the virus crap and shutdowns I read about or heard about, I am very thankful I live where I do and have the lifestyle I do. Other than seeing 2-3 ppl wearing masks, I would have never known anything was going on. Hopefully life can go back to normal soon for any of you reading this that have experienced some major changes.

My summers are all basically the same. I am the range rider on the forest permit for a cattle association, so I spend every morning till noon-3 moving cattle, packing salt to them, doctoring sick calves and fencing.

Then I come home and irrigate and/or put hay up. We are finally finished with our meadows, and we had a great crop this year. About double from last year. I will start cutting about 200 acres of second crop this weekend and will be done haying for the year.

I did go on a short 4 day pack trip over the 4th of July into the Yellowstone. I have not been in there for about 20 years, so it was a nice trip and good to go back.

Here are a few pictures from this summer and the trip...............

Above is our home made sheep camp. We went up the river one night and spent the night and cut a load of firewood the next day.

I always pack a pistol. More for putting an animal down with a busted leg or something similar than anything else. But like Call says, "It's better have it and not need it than need it and not have it."

We passed Brandon and Kendra Kunz of Yellowstone Outfitters on their way out for the weekend as we were heading in to Hawks Rest.

Unloading and stacking hay.

Hauling hay out of the meadow.

Me standing on a sheepherder rock pile. They build these mostly as ways to pass the time, but occasionally to mark a trail.

Ken, 70 years young, putting shoes on a colt with his dog, Sam taking notes ;)

Me waiting for more cattle to arrive before I turn them out on the forest and send them up the creek.

Crossing the Yellowstone River.

Packing salt to cattle on a colt who needed a big job.

Anyway, that was a bit about my summer. I do have some posts and stories to share with you all as soon as things slow down a bit.

And in case you missed it, or you are new here, I put out a calendar every year. I announced a week ago that they are available for pre order and will ship within 2 weeks. I'm excited about my 2021 Calendar as I have my usual 13 images, but I also added an additional 12!

As of today, I am 1/2 way sold out. If you would like one, you can get one here:

Anyway, hope you're all doing well. Keep your head up, work hard, live simply and slowly and enjoy this life we have!

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